FORT LAUDERDALE — Former Florida State offensive lineman Jauan Williams, who is planning to transfer, is facing misdemeanor battery charges that he struck his then-girlfriend two years ago, allegations he vehemently denies.

Williams, 23, was arrested Wednesday in Tallahassee on two charges that he struck Lauren Noel during fights in the spring of 2018 in which the police were called, court documents show. He was released early Thursday on $500 bail.

Noel originally denied being struck in both cases, but the investigation was reopened last year after Noel contacted police saying Williams had sent her video of her having sex with another man, Tallahasse police say in the court documents. They say Noel provided photos of bruises and text messages between her and Williams that support her allegations that he did strike her.

Williams angrily told The Associated Press in a phone interview Thursday that he and Noel argued but that he never hit her. He accused Noel of trying to destroy his image as he prepares to transfer to another school for his final college season.

“I didn’t do anything. I have so much disbelief, so much confusion. She is trying to kill my career,” Williams said. He said that as a 6-foot-7 (2-meter), 310-pound (141-kilogram) football player, if he had struck Noel it would have been obvious to the police officers who interviewed her minutes after the 2018 arguments cited in the reports.

Florida State declined comment, saying in an email that Williams is no longer part of the team. A phone number for Noel could not be located.